Friday, April 1, 2011

Justin doesn't like anything!! Wait, no, April Fools.

Justin does INDEED like things. Here are two more. They are a bit more complicated.

1. Justin likes the word "rage."
An interesting point though: this is not to be confused with the state of "rage" or "raging" (depending on whether or not you're still doing it. or, adversely, if you're using proper American, you may be using it as a gerund which makes "raging" a noun, which of course is interesting since "rage" itself can be used as a noun or a verb.
A few short examples:
"I've made good progress in raging against the Basque." [note how even though in -ing format, it functions as a verb, also it takes the preposition against]
"Raging exists in many cultures." [note use of gerund]
"I am moving the rage" [here rage functions as a direct object]
"I am moving the cat to the rage." [functioning as indirect object]).
Justin doesn't like being in a state of rage of any sort or color. He simply likes the word "rage."
Here's a picture of the word "rage."

2. Justin likes not being on Bee Mayhew's shit-list.
(this item was generously donated by Bee Mayhew, founder of the "Bee Mayhew Shit-List".)

This is not to be confused with Schindler's List the 1993 biographical picture about Oskar Schindler, directed by Stephen "Segal" Spielberg.

This is a picture of Justin Kennedy dressed up as Schindler, circa 1993.

A shit-list is more like this:

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